CamDole - FAQ

1. What is CamDole?

CamDole is a live sex cams directory that makes it easy for its users to find their perfect webcam model. The site is packed with a lot of features including live filtering, multi opener, model alerts and much more.

2. Are the models really live?

Yes, unless they are marked as offline. CamDole doesn't list any offline models on their main pages, so you'll always find models that are live. Some of them might be in a private show, thus access to their live cam might be momentarily restricted.

3. What is "Catch Me Online"?

Catch me online is a feature that we built into CamDole to enable users to receive real time alerts about their favourite cam models.

4. Why am I not able to see some of the models?

Some models restrict users' access from certain locations, due to privacy or other reasons. You'll notice that all models who have a blurred thumbnail picture are currently blocking your location. We encourage you to respect their privacy and choose a different model, we have over 10.000 models live at any time.

5. What is "Multi Opener"?

Multi Opener allows our users to view the live cam of multiple models at the same time. You can choose up to 6 models by clicking on the small plus sign ( + ) at the top right of their thumbnail image.

6. How do I chat with a model?

Since CamDole is cam model directory, you can chat with any model by clicking on their live feed or the appropriate button marked as "Free Chat".